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The CONTENT'ed Entrepreneur Space

A free co-working community for mission driven entrepreneurs

This is perfect if you:

Scramble to get your LinkedIn post ready each week, or

Wonder what to post about next, or 

Can't find time to write your posts, or

Just want to meet other mission-driven entrepreneurs, and

Have questions about LinkedIn or Marketing

Join the CONTENT'ed Entrepreneur Space because

Community + Prompt + Quiet time = Content DONE ✅

Join us every 3rd Tuesday of each month from 11am to 1pm EST to be in community with mission-driven entrepreneurs (no bro-marketing here), get your content for next month DONE, and get answers to your LinkedIn questions.

What's co-working?

We're together but we're each working on our own. Being around each other just helps get more done!


I am launching this to help you set aside time committed to creating your posts for the following month. Imagine the relief of not having to scramble each week!

1 month of content DONE

The sessions are 2 hours total, with a 20ish minute break in the middle for office hours. Lots of time to go deep on your work and get 4 posts outlined or even fully written, ready to post.

Make new friends

It can get lonely when you insist on doing things your way and not surrender to the funnel'y, DM’y, sales'y way. Here, you'll hang out with other generous and gentle entrepreneurs on a similar path!

Free prompt + Office Hours

Each time I’ll share a prompt to get you inspired.

In the 20 minute break, you can ask me about LinkedIn, marketing the ethical way, or online entrepreneurship.

Sign up for free co-working here

Once you register, you'll get a confirmation email. (It’s up to you to put it on your calendar)Then for every session, you'll get an email reminder 24 hours before and one hour before the session with the Zoom link. 

Looking forward to seeing you there!


How it works:

A bunch of entrepreneurs just like you get on a Zoom call together and get some work done!

  1. We start with a round of quick introductions and state our intention for the session.

  2. To help you get going, I’ll share a prompt for you to write about.

  3. Then for 40 minutes we mute our mics and work individually.

  4. Time for a 20-minute break to shake it out, re-fill our cups, or ask questions about LinkedIn or online marketing, office-hour style.

  5. Then we have another 40 min session

  6. At the end we check in on each other’s progress, and sign off!


By signing up, you also understand that you will be added to my weekly email newsletter about how to leverage LinkedIn to attract clients like a MAGNET, without being sales-y!

Hi! I'm Sophie Lechner

IMG_1317001 retouched.png

I'm a LinkedIn Coach for Mission-Driven Entrepreneurs.


Even though I’ve been on LinkedIn since it launched 20 years ago, it wasn’t until March of 2020 when I fully realized how much LinkedIn is a black box for most small business owners

LinkedIn launched when I was with a Fortune 50 company in New York and I used it daily to connect with colleagues and family around the world.

Through LinkedIn I have met incredible experts, been invited to speak in several countries, built two businesses and was interviewed for a Forbes article.

I studied my own process and reverse-engineered what I did, to create The MAGNET Model, a roadmap for creating a powerful brand around your mission and creating a path to those vital conversations and sales.


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