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10 Ways To Attract Your Ideal Clients

Quick Guide

If you think your clients are on LinkedIn, but you have no idea how to find them...


Maybe you’ve tried posting and liking but it doesn’t lead anywhere. Besides, you end up spending way more time than you want to.


...and you want to attract your ideal clients like a MAGNET,


then you know you need to do something, or you will just continue to waste endless hours and never interact with the people you want to reach.


The good news is you are here. You recognize that LinkedIn can play a big part in your business success.

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By using the strategies shared here, you will be amazed at your results!


The LinkedIn Client MAGNET Model is your path to a compelling presence on LinkedIn that attracts clients without sending tons of connection requests or spammy direct messages.

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This Quick Guide is for you if:

  • You are an entrepreneur, a coach, a consultant, or an author

  • You want to find your clients on LinkedIn but don't know where to start

  • You spend more time than you want on LinkedIn but don't see any results


As the Founder and CEO of The MAGNET Model™, my entire business is based on having a large, deep and solid network around the world - most of it built using LinkedIn

I have been curating this network for 20 years.


Take a look below. The press coverage, the speaking engagements, the Forbes interview, the podcasts... It ALL came from LinkedIn Networking! 

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WIGA Workshop Feb 2018.jpg
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Excerpt from Forbes interview of Sophie Lechner:


“Lechner [..] calls upon select individuals from her global network located in the Americas, Europe and Asia, who can share knowledge with [her] clients."

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Stop wasting time on LinkedIn.

Follow these strategies and begin having conversations.

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