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Transform Your LinkedIn Content into a Magnet that Consistently Brings You High-Value Clients, Without Self-promotion

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Create Your Content Wheel (of Fortune!)

Watch the Masterclass, Download the Content Plan Template, Access Your Own Spinning Wheel of Content and Get a Free 1-on-1 Audit of Your Themes with me!


With this Masterclass you will:

Empower Transformation with your content: kickstart change within your audience even before they commit to your services.

Learn Efficient Content Creation: Say goodbye to the weekly grind of starting from scratch. Learn how to craft a content plan that streamlines your workflow, saving you time and energy.

​Identify Key Content Themes: Dive into exercises designed to uncover the core themes of your content strategy, providing a solid foundation for your messaging.

​Map Customer Journeys: Gain insights into your ideal client's journey for each theme, enabling you to craft content that resonates deeply and drives meaningful engagement.

Get Strategic With Your Content Sharing: Understand that sharing content on platforms like LinkedIn requires a different approach. Discover how to strategically distribute your content like breadcrumbs or seeds, maximizing its impact.

Overcome Posting Hurdles: Break free from the barriers that hold you back from consistent posting. Whether it's an Access or Distribution challenge, learn how a structured content plan can be your solution.

​Introduce Innovative Topic Selection: Introduce variety and excitement into your content creation process with the "wheel of fortune" method. Effortlessly generate fresh ideas for your posts, keeping your audience engaged and intrigued.

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Hi! I'm Sophie Lechner

I'm a LinkedIn Coach for Mission-Driven Entrepreneurs.


Even though I’ve been on LinkedIn since it launched 20 years ago, it wasn’t until March of 2020 when I fully realized how much LinkedIn is a black box for most small business owners

LinkedIn launched when I was with a Fortune 50 company in New York and I used it daily to connect with colleagues and family around the world.


Through LinkedIn I have met incredible experts, been invited to speak in several countries, built two businesses and was interviewed for a Forbes article.

I studied my own process and reverse-engineered what I did, to create The MAGNET Model, a roadmap for creating a powerful brand around your mission and creating a path to those vital conversations and sales.


That is what I am sharing with you here.

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