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I built an entire global business based on my large, deep and solid network around the world and most of it was built by using LinkedIn. Now you can use what I have learned and build your own network, wherever you are, thanks to the LinkedIn MAGNET Model.

I have been doing this for 20 years.


Take a look below. The press coverage, the speaking engagements, the webinars, the podcasts... It ALL came from LinkedIn Networking! 


This is to illustrate the results I got from doing exactly what I will show you with the LinkedIn MAGNET Model Programs.

Hello! My name is Sophie Lechner 

It's pronounced Sofee Lekner  

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Excerpt from Forbes interview of Sophie Lechner:


“Lechner [..] calls upon select individuals from her global network located in the Americas, Europe and Asia, who can share knowledge with [her] clients."

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I had a French mother and a Pakistani father and grew up in several countries so navigating multiple different cultures is second nature to me.


Growing up with parents of very different origins and backgrounds, I became passionate about helping people bridge their differences in order to accomplish common goals.

I have a double Masters in English and French law from the Sorbonne in Paris and King’s College in London and an MBA from Columbia Business School.


Early in my career I also discovered that I do not thrive unless I am surrounded by people who are really diverse, so I made the decision to work in global companies, in roles where I would have colleagues from all over the planet!

With British Petroleum, Pfizer and Bayer, in Paris and New York, I gained 25 years of professional experience, leading dozens of cross functional teams across many countries to successful outcomes.


At Pfizer I was asked to create the role of Alliance Manager to facilitate relationships between Pfizer and its partners, where disagreements most often came down to cultural differences.


Later, at Bayer, I managed professional education for several billion-dollar global brands and led multinational conferences and workshops for US and international professionals, physicians and researchers.

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I then left the corporate world and decided to put my legal, financial, marketing and cross-cultural skills to work for small to medium enterprises. I founded Global Commerce Education to help business leaders successfully enter new markets, growing our faculty to over 100 experts from around the world and partnerships on several continents.

I decided to pursue a certification to become a cross-cultural trainer and enjoyed speaking about how to bridge cultural differences, and how to do business across borders, with speaking engagements in the U.S. and abroad at workshops, conferences and webinars, invited by, or co-sponsored with, private companies, national development agencies and Chambers of Commerce.

When LinkedIn was launched in 2003, I felt as though it had been designed for me! I started connecting with my real-life network which was already extensive, and I immediately loved the conversations and relationships it allowed me to grow.


Although it served me well during my corporate career, it truly showed off its magic when I built my global business and I found myself coaching business leaders from many countries on creating their brand presence in advance of entering a new market.


Over the last 20 years, my activity on LinkedIn has led to speaking engagements, podcast invitations, clients and  partners, and an interview in Forbes.

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During the pandemic, giving free coaching sessions to many entrepreneurs around me, I discovered there were a lot of misconceptions and fears among entrepreneurs around using LinkedIn. That led me to create the MAGNET Method that I now use in teaching and coaching, specifically for solopreneurs on a mission.


I have been frustrated to see so many solopreneurs really stopped in their tracks by the unnecessary complexity of marketing and am on a mission to help them share their message and build the relationships that will propel their mission and business forward.


I work with clients one-on-one and via courses, group programs and workshops.

I live in New Jersey USA with my husband, 2 sons and 3 cats.


When I'm not talking about LinkedIn, you will find me creating jewelry from polymer clay, listening to a podcast while cooking plant-based dishes or simply reading, curled up with my cat.

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