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Attention: Mission-Driven Entrepreneurs!

Build A Magnetic LinkedIn Profile


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is a Custom 1-on-1 Experience where together we transform your profile into a

MAGNET that Consistently Brings You

High-Value Clients, Without Self-Promotion

If you...

Are a mission-driven entrepreneur, coach, consultant, author or small business owner

Are passionate about helping others 

Feel like you're the best-kept secret in your field, constantly chasing leads 

Find it hard to write about yourself, finding that balance between bland and braggy

Have no time to take a course or program

And you want...

To to truly differentiate yourself on LinkedIn

To share your message because you know it can make a difference

Your ideal clients to feel compelled to learn more and contact you

And you want this done FAST

Then VIP Profile-In-A-Day is the solution for you 

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My 20-year Love Affair With LinkedIn

Hi, I'm Sophie Lechner, LinkedIn Coach for Mission-Driven Entrepreneurs.


Even though I’ve been on LinkedIn since it launched 20 years ago, it wasn’t until March of 2020 when I fully realized how much LinkedIn is a black box for most small business owners

I worked for 25 years in global roles for Fortune 50 companies in Paris and New York. It was during that time that Linkedin launched and it quickly became my second home. I used it daily to connect with colleagues and family around the world.


Through LinkedIn I have met incredible experts, been invited to speak in several countries, and was interviewed for a Forbes article.

And when I left corporate to build my own company, I built the business almost ENTIRELY using LinkedIn. 

“Help us! How are we going to find clients now?!?!?”

In March 2020, my fellow entrepreneurs were howling in pain as the world shut down, so I flew to the rescue and started coaching them on how to get clients with LinkedIn.

The Results Blew My Mind (and theirs)

  • I helped a budding coach get from 0 to 500 connections in a few weeks

  • I helped a consultant get several 5 & 6-figure contracts via LinkedIn

  • I helped an online course instructor get several hundred sign-ups for her summit


With the MAGNET Model I was able to grow my connections from 0 to 500 in a few weeks. I've connected with many new people and built relationships that are helping me grow my business

Anessa Collins

Photo Rebecca.jpg

My first time co-hosting a summit and we had over 300 sign ups! I attribute much of this success to the power of using Sophie's MAGNET Model on LinkedIn.

Rebecca Cuevas

After working with dozens of clients I realized that there was a fundamental flaw in the way people are approaching LinkedIn: 

It’s less about what you can do;

it's about who you are at your core.

It’s this shift in your approach that is the key.

You need a different kind of strategy on LinkedIn and it starts with your profile


The biggest LinkedIn Profile mistakes I see entrepreneurs make is to to either just list all their credentials resume-style, or make it a sales page that sounds just like an ad.


Both mistakes come from the misconception that you need to sell yourself and prove your value.  This makes the result unappealing and turns people away.

The good news is that it’s about you showing up as a human. To make LinkedIn work for you, bring yourself as a whole person, and passionately speak about your vision, your story, your passion, as you would to a friend, and then organically bring people into the conversation.

People will buy from you because they see you are aligned with their worldview. They share your values and appreciate your personality.

They will only consider your offer AFTER they have already decided (knowingly or not) that they want to work with you. So you need to share WHO YOU ARE. This starts with your profile as the key building block in your new LinkedIn strategy.

I understood this because my clients who do well on LinkedIn are able to make this shift

Once they lean into their big vision and make sharing their message the central focus, rather than selling themselves or their offer, they can build a strategy that unlocks the magic of LinkedIn. 

How I built 2 businesses using LinkedIn

I looked back at what I had done to build my 1st company, finding partners on several continents, gathering a faculty of over 100 experts and speaking at global events. I studied my own process and reverse-engineered what I did, to create a roadmap that I could share with you.

I combined my 20-year knowledge of LinkedIn, the roadmap I had used to build a global business, and all the tools I had developed in my coaching sessions with entrepreneurs, and I created the MAGNET Model. It’s a roadmap for creating a powerful brand around your mission and creating the path to those vital conversations and sales.

With the right profile, everything changes...

Once you have your profile dialed in, you will have a thriving online space for your business, where your prospects can discover you and be excited to engage with you and your mission.

Your Magnetic Profile will

  • Position you as an authority

  • Showcase who you are and how you can help your ideal client

  • Capture your passion, your mission, your story and your personality

  • Become your best client attraction tool to show off your brand

  • Get your ideal clients to reach out to you to learn more

Your profile will zero-in with absolute clarity on your audience, mission, message and the ROI for your clients and you will be proud to send people there to check you out.

Clients usually re-write all their other assets (website, bio and other profiles) based on their new LinkedIn profile.


The VIP Profile-In-A-Day

A Custom 1-on-1 Experience for Mission-driven Entrepreneurs 

Who Want A Profile That Attracts And Converts Their Ideal Clients,

And Want It Done Fast

Here's How It Works:

Before Your Profile Day

  • We book a day to work together

  • You fill out a short questionnaire

  • I study your website

  • We get on a 90 minute call


On Your Profile Day

  • 30-minute call in the morning

  • You are available throughout the day for questions and to work on any additional information I might need  

  • 30-minute call in the afternoon to discuss my first draft

  • 60-minute call in the evening to upload it all to LinkedIn


After Your Profile Day​

  • You have 1 week for unlimited profile related questions

  • There may be extra bits of information we want to gather or draft within that week

  • 30-minute closing call

We will create a journey for your prospect, taking them gradually deeper into your world.

As the heart of your LinkedIn presence, your profile will engage the reader through their emotions and senses just as much as the facts you share. They will be drawn to explore what you have to offer, learn about your values and get to know, like and trust you.

You will have a LinkedIn profile that makes the reader want to work with you.

You Will Also Get

  • A 1-on-1 Business Strategy Session

We will meet before your Profile Day, to review your overall business goals, messaging and offers and what success a year from now looks like. I will give you 1 hour of business coaching about your next steps and priorities to get to your goals. This will help position your LinkedIn activity as a powerful lever in your business and ensure your LinkedIn work is impactful.

  • Posting tools and resources

I will provide you with a post outline to help you structure impactful posts, a primer to write your first few posts called "15 Minutes to Unlock Your Posting Power" and an interactive guide called "How to Become a Client Magnet With These 5 High-Converting Posts", which will help you create different types of posts, with links to examples on LinkedIn. 

  • 50% off the MAGNET Content Workshop

This is a workshop I offer quarterly and my clients get so much value from it that they attend again and again! You will be invited to participate live when I next offer it, and benefit from the prompts, outlines, frameworks and mindmap system that will help you create content easily.

What clients say:

Janice Francisco - TouchPoints Learning, Inc.

"Both times I've worked with you, I've seen your deep skill in perception and understanding how to connect pieces together in a way that makes sense for the reader."

"Now my clients can see themselves in the work that we do."

The investment

A VIP day with a Marketing Coach can run anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000

I charge $300/hour for coaching so my hours alone here would likely add up to $3600.

But I've decided I really want to help 4 entrepreneurs this quarter transform their profile and my goal is that this investment will more than pay for itself, to make this decision as much of a no-brainer as possible!

And  think about this:

How much is it worth to you to bring in clients without self-promotion or hard-selling? As for spreading your message and propelling your big mission into the world? I know that's priceless!


Because of my work with the MAGNET Model, I was able to get a 6-figure contract and I now have a few more in the pipeline!

Jason Schurek

The investment for the VIP Profile-In-A-Day is US$1750

Because I need to completely clear my calendar for a full day in order to give you my full undivided attention throughout our work together,  

I can only take on two VIP Done-In-A-Day clients each month

What clients say:

Photo Rebecca.jpg

Before working with Sophie, I was not happy with my LinkedIn profile, because it felt choppy and disjointed. I had originally started using LinkedIn in one professional context, and when that context changed, I didn't know how to integrate different facets of my professional life in a way that created a coherent picture on LinkedIn.

Sophie's wealth of knowledge of LinkedIn, her positive energy, and her belief that I could do it, were very helpful as she guided me step by step to optimize my use of LinkedIn. She was patient, and had a structured process that took away all the anxiety"

Sophie’s process helped me blend the different facets of my professional life together into a coherent whole that presents a 360-degree view of my programs, services, and skills.

Now I feel that my LinkedIn profile represents me accurately. It’s me showing up in different aspects of who I am and what I can do to help my clients and customers

As a direct result of working with Sophie, I now feel proud of my LinkedIn profile. I am excited to share it with people, and I feel it's attracting the right colleagues, the right connections that I can network with, so that we can provide benefit and value to each other.

 If you have the opportunity to work with Sophie, go for it. It's a game changer. I’m so glad I did!

Rebecca Cuevas
Founder and CEO

Learn and Get Smarter, Inc.

Book Your VIP Profile-In-A-Day to start attracting clients like a MAGNET!


If you've read this far, then you're serious about getting help to make your LinkedIn profile really shine. Although you've already got a solid offer and know who your target audience is, your current profile is just not giving you the results you want.

And you know you can do better.

You just need someone to help you get it done!

Imagine if you felt totally confident that your LinkedIn profile was saying the right things (without being salesy)


And that it attracted your ideal clients into conversation with you that lead to signing up with you.

And people were downloading your lead magnet & getting on your email list,

And you were having conversations with like minded people who get on board with your mission and start spreading your big message along with you.

And the BEST part is that you were having fun throughout the whole process!

In my Mini retouched.jpg

No need to suffer from "boring profile syndrome" anymore.

Let's DO THIS together!

Talk soon,




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That's where the VIP PROFILE-IN-A-DAY comes in

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