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Marketing Mutiny

Charting a New Course for Solopreneur Success

I invite you to a conversation with entrepreneurs just like us who have searched and found a different way of attracting clients that is ethical and values-based. As they have inspired me, I hope they will spur new ideas for you as you seek your own path.
In this community project, I invite you to:
  • Hear real-world examples from 10 entrepreneurs who consistently attract their ideal clients with strategies that align with their values
  • Find new ideas inspired by their stories, their philosophy on business building and the actions they took
  • Join the conversation with fellow solopreneurs on a similar quest, to explore together how this might work in your business

10 Entrepreneurs - Every other week-day in April

Tonya Kubo
April 3rd

Robbie Samuels
April 5th

Doug & Lisa-Marie
 April 7th

Gwen Bortner
April 11th

Cheryl Woodhouse
April 13th

Simon Bowen
April 17th

Eli Trier
April 19th

Joey Ragona
April 21st

Claire Paniccia
April 25th

Michelle Mazur
April 27th

Had Enough Of Aggressive Marketing?

There's Another Way!


>>Make a lead magnet!<<

>>Create a funnel!<<

>>Get my “7-step plan to $100K-months!<<


And watch out for the count-down clocks and disappearing bonuses

As a solopreneur on a mission, you know the pain of drowning in daily activities that have nothing to do with your passion and suck your soul dry…

For many solopreneurs I work with, the scariest, most despised of activities, the one they know they can't do without but most want to ditch is… 

🤮 Marketing 😱

Gurus assault your inbox and social feeds 24/7, shouting:

Each "expert" claims theirs is the strategy you need. If you don't do this you'll never  scale.

You hate it when it's done to you and don't want to do it to others, but that’s all you know. You think that's what it takes to get clients. 

I have been there too…

We feel misaligned. It erodes our passion. Dread and discomfort creep in. We get a trickle of clients so we second-guess ourselves and fall into inaction or burnout, disillusioned.

Some call this “Bully Marketing”, or “Bro-Marketing” (even though many women do it!)


I have had enough of it.

This kind of marketing

doesn’t work

for solopreneurs on a mission.

Calm Sea
The purpose of this project is to discover new ways to show up and attract our audience, with strategies that are aligned with our values, fun to implement and that make us proud.
Let's have the bullies walk the plank while we get back to our passion and start attracting clients in a way that feels good.

We have options!!

I have gathered a group of entrepreneurs who consistently attract their ideal clients with ethical and values-driven strategies. 

They will share their values, their philosophy on building a business, and the strategies they use to reach their audience. We'll have a conversation and you're invited to join in. 

These entrepreneurs are generously sharing their experience to help us succeed in our big vision for the change we want to make. You are going to love hearing about their journey and exchanging with them and your fellow solopreneurs!

Let's take over the ship!

I invite you to join us as we learn together and create OUR OWN marketing: aligned with our mission, exciting to implement and that we can stand behind (and gets us clients!).

How This Works

Community Project with 10 Guests

During the month of April, you’ll receive an email from me every other week-day where one entrepreneur will share how they consistently attract their audience into their offers, in a non-spammy way.

A Space for Conversations

After each email we'll come together in a LinkedIn Group where we can all comment and chat. We'll discuss how the strategy might work in our own business, and ask any questions.

A Compendium

At the end of the project I will collate all the contributions into a beautiful e-book we can refer to and share.

Sign Up

To join the conversation, fill in the boxes and click "Sign Up"

Entrepreneurs in the conversation:

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