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The MAGNET Guild

Is your content reaching your full potential audience?

In the Guild you sharpen your practice of strategically and consistently creating and sharing content on LinkedIn in a way that brings you a steady stream of qualified ideal clients.

The Guild is your key to:

  • Strategic content that converts

    • Message map for the year

    • Quarterly Content Planning Workshops

  • Implementation

    • Monthly Writing Sessions

    • Post & article reviews

  • Continuous Improvement

    • Track – Analyze – Adjust

  • Support & Accountability

    • Group and individual pocket coaching

    • Monthly Check-ins

    • Troubleshooting with access to me any time

    • Community


Why the MAGNET Guild?


Getting It Done



QUARTERLY Strategy Session:

  • 1st Friday of the quarter

  • 1 to 4pm ET (10am to 1pm PST/ 6 to 9pm GMT)

  • Craft strategy for the quarter

MONTHLY Writing Session: 

  • 3rd Wednesday of the month

  • 9 to 11am EST (6 to 8am PST/2 to 4pm GMT)

  • Write posts for following month

MONTHLY 1-hour group CALL 

  • 1st Wednesday of the month

  • 12 to 1pm EST (9 to 10am PST/5 to 6pm GMT)

  • Share wins

  • Check numbers

  • Q&A/hot seat

The Guild is only open to alumni of my coaching, courses and workshops.

The investment is US$6000/year

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Note: If you join after the Quarterly Strategy Session I will hold a private onboarding and strategy session with you.

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