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Mission-driven entrepreneurs, join this

LIVE Workshop to boost client attraction

Create Your Content Wheel (of Fortune!)

Transform Your LinkedIn Content into a Magnet that Consistently Brings You High-Value Clients,

Without Self-promotion

Join me LIVE on Zoom

Tuesday April 9th - 11am to 12pm ET


In this session you will discover:

What you are not talking about in your posts that is making you lose sales


The simple and super efficient way to never run out of content to post


The sure-fire way to keep your readers riveted and wanting more

Together, we will:

Identify the key elements of your own content wheel

Create a simple 3-step action plan to attract more of your ideal clients on LinkedIn


AND WE'LL KEEP SOME TIME FOR Q&A - Ask me anything


Hi! I'm Sophie Lechner

I'm a LinkedIn Coach for Mission-Driven Entrepreneurs.


Even though I’ve been on LinkedIn since it launched 20 years ago, it wasn’t until March of 2020 when I fully realized how much LinkedIn is a black box for most small business owners

LinkedIn launched when I was with a Fortune 50 company in New York and I used it daily to connect with colleagues and family around the world.


Through LinkedIn I have met incredible experts, been invited to speak in several countries, built two businesses and was interviewed for a Forbes article.

I studied my own process and reverse-engineered what I did, to create The MAGNET Model, a roadmap for creating a powerful brand around your mission and creating a path to those vital conversations and sales.


That is what I am sharing with you today.

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