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Let's Go Far Together

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Do you need a system to keep your LinkedIn going?

You've optimized your profile so it attracts your target audience

You've invested to maximize your use of LinkedIn

You're posting and engaging.



Now how will you keep it up?

How will you stay motivated & do the work regularly?

Where will you get your questions answered & stay on top of LinkedIn changes?

ConneXion is here to support you on your LinkedIn journey so that you can:

  • Be in community

  • Stay engaged and engaging

  • Maintain a compelling presence

  • Uplevel your knowledge and skills

  • Keep up to date with LinkedIn changes

You now have a space to get work done, get questions answered and learn from amazing colleagues in a structured and productive way... 

... you continue learning and improving, you solve your business bottlenecks and you reach new levels of engagement with prospects, all with ease, fun and Connexxion...

... you are never alone, you have business friendships with people you trust and you now have the confidence to rock your LinkedIn presence and your business growth.


Let's GO Together with ConneXion!


Getting It Done



  • Monthly CO-WORKING 2nd Wednesday of the month

    • 9 to 11am ET (6 to 8am PST/ 2 to 4pm GMT)

  • Optional progress check-ins on the monthly calls (you commit to an action & we will ask about it on the next call)

  • MONTHLY CALL 1-hour: 

    • First Friday of the month

    • 1 to 2pm ET (10 to 11am PST/6 to 7pm GMT)

    • Short training + Q&A + shares

    • Recordings available

  • Live profile or post audit on Monthly Calls (submit 24h before the call)

  • Mini-Training on Monthly Calls 

ConneXXion is only open to alumni of my coaching, courses and workshops.

The investment is US$47/month

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