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The LinkedIn MAGNET Model

How to find and engage your audience so you can spread your message and connect with your ideal clients.  

If you are ready to grow your business, LinkedIn is your goldmine

Would that help you grow your business?

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  • Your ideal clients connect to ask how to work with you

  • Experts ask if they can refer their clients to you

  • Industry influencers invite you on their podcasts and webinars

  • Journalists ask if they can interview you

Imagine this:

The never-ending hunt for the next client can be exhausting and soul-crushing. Stop chasing leads, making cold calls, going to networking events.
Instead, you can adopt an approach that will inspire and energize YOU. You can share your expertise and wisdom in a spirit of abundance and attract your ideal prospects like a MAGNET. 

Discover my secrets to have YOUR posts attract clients like a Magnet

Interactive guide with instructions and examples to write posts that have your ideal clients know, like and trust you so they are ready to buy!

Let's make LinkedIn a hub of communication and engagement for your business.

Together, we will create a thriving online space for you to share your message and expertise with clients, prospects and the global community; a space where your prospects can discover you and be excited to engage with you.


Because success is NOT about finding opportunities;

it is about making sure they FIND YOU.

This method is for you if you:

  • Are a solopreneur with a mission to help others

  • Have an message to share with the world

  • Feel you're the best-kept secret in your industry

  • Are working alone or have a very small team

  • Want to stay away from cold-calling strangers

  • Want to have authentic conversations

Which of these 5 Kinds of LinkedIn Users Are You?

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My entire business is based on having a large, deep and solid network around the world and most of it was built by using LinkedIn. Now you can use what I have learned and build your own network, wherever you are, thanks to the LinkedIn MAGNET Model

I have been doing this for almost 20 years!


Take a look below. The press coverage, the speaking engagements, the webinars, the podcasts... It ALL came from LinkedIn Networking! 


This is to illustrate the results I got from doing exactly what I will show you with the LinkedIn MAGNET Model Programs.

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Excerpt from Forbes interview of Sophie Lechner:


“Lechner [..] calls upon select individuals from her global network located in the Americas, Europe and Asia, who can share knowledge with [her] clients."

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When you implement the MAGNET Model

          Instead of selling yourself...

                                                    attract your ideal clients like a MAGNET.



         Instead of chasing leads...

                                                              ...your prospects approach you, ready to buy.



         Instead of being a best kept secret...

                                                     have a well-established, recognized brand.

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What clients say

Fran photo.jpg

Fran B, Life Coach

I had been stymied by the LinkedIn platform and how to use it. I am pleased with my new-found ease using LinkedIn efficiently and effectively.

The MAGNET Model program is very hands-on from start to finish and has given me wings to expand my reach in my coaching practice.


Mallory K.,

Director of


I used to "poke around" LinkedIn and then conclude it wasn’t productive!


I am now focused and strategic about my time on LinkedIn and engage new connections in meaningful dialogue. 

I highly recommend the MAGNET Model program!

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LinkedIn is your window onto the world

The next post you read could lead you to unexpected discoveries, or to your next business partner. Whether you search for a specific person or follow serendipity, you have endless opportunities to explore new perspectives and build relationships that lead to prospects and clients. 
LinkedIn is also a window into YOUR world

Let them understand how you can help them, explore what you have to offer, learn about your values and get to know like and trust you. And then give them a way to knock on your door!
Photo Rebecca.jpg

My biggest roadblock in using LinkedIn was that I didn't understand the platform. and what it could do to help me grow my business. As a direct result of working with Sophie, I am now attracting the right connections

Sophie's positive energy and her belief that I could do it was very helpful as she guided me step by step to optimize my use of LinkedIn. She was patient, and had a structured procedure that took away all the anxiety.

If you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to benefit from Sophie’s expertise, go for it. It's a game changer. 

Rebecca Cuevas
Founder and CEO,

Learn and Get Smarter, Inc.

The MAGNET Model Way

You will show up as your authentic self, with integrity, and fully aligned with your values. You will enter conversations with your best prospects, naturally, without having to sell or self-promote.


By the time you get on a call, your prospects will already know, like and trust you so they will easily convert into clients in your programs.

You will shift from seeing LinkedIn as a to-do on your marketing task list, to a new way of interacting with your audience and the world in a natural, organic way that lets you focus on your favorite topic: how you can help others. 

In a matter of weeks, with the MAGNET Model, results will flow. Your LinkedIn presence will grow and build on itself over time to yield exponential results. The snowball effect of LinkedIn is powerful and really fun!

How the MAGNET Model works:

  • You create a magnetic profile that positions you as an authority and showcases who you are and how you can help them. Your profile will draw them in to want to learn more and reach out to you.


  • You craft a proven strategy for the content you will share on LinkedIn to create a body of work that magnetically draws in your best prospects. You will be sought after by influencers and referrers.

  • You build a simple process you can implement on a weekly basis to consistently bring in qualified leads. You create the habits you need to begin effortlessly bringing in clients. When you get on a call with your ideal customer, they will already know, like and trust you.


This 3-month group program helps you create a Magnetic profile and learn how to post with ease and engage with your audience, so you get strong traction.


The program includes a 6-module self-paced course, a 90-minute one-on-one onboarding session to help you define your strategy, and 2 individual coaching sessions you can schedule when needed.

Monthly group coaching calls and weekly co-working sessions are also available for ongoing support.


In this 5-hour live workshop you develop 6-months of content based on prompts that inspire you.


You learn strategies to create engaging content, and workshop with like-minded entrepreneurs.

A bonus implementation session and quarterly planning co-working sessions are included.


In this 12-week one-on-one coaching program we co-create a powerful Magnetic profile, we define your content strategy and continually improve based on your results.


This format allows us to capitalize on your unique strengths and cater to your own learning style and business needs.

Additional supports are included such as co-working sessions and monthly group coaching calls.

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