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The MAGNET Content Accelerator™

In just 1 day, have 6 months' worth of LinkedIn posts ready to go.

If you are ready to grow your business in alignment with your values,

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  • Your ideal clients connect to ask how to work with you

  • Experts ask if they can refer their clients to you

  • Industry influencers invite you on their podcasts and webinars

  • Journalists ask if they can interview you

Imagine this:

Would that help you grow your business?

This program is for you if:

  • You are an entrepreneur, a coach, a consultant, a freelancer, or an author

  • You want to post on LinkedIn regularly with powerful content that garners engagement

  • You struggle with having to create new posts from scratch, seemingly constantly

  • You wish you had a bank of posts ready to go so you don't need to wait for inspiration

  • You want to be able to write a good post or article in a short time

  • Are prepared to work intensely for 1 day (to save countless hours later)

"I was so engrossed, it didn't feel like 5 hours at all!"

Kathleen McDonough

MAGNET Content Workshop participant

What you will gain in this program:

  • You will effortlessly generate at least 99 post & article topics in a few hours

  • You will have a clearly organized calendar of planned content for the next 6 months 

  • You will learn techniques to write a compelling post in under 15 minutes 


  • You will master how to create content that makes people know, like and trust you

Next Session:

May 3rd to 24th 

Friday May 3rd - 1pm to 2pm EST  - Onboarding Call - Access to Online course

Friday May 10th - 1pm to 2pm EST  -  Course Q&A

Friday May 17th - 12pm to 4pm EST - Content & Strategy Workshop

Friday May 24th - 12pm to 2pm EST - Planning and Closing Call

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  • Most importantly, you will show up with integrity, as your authentic self, fully aligned with your values. You do not need to write "sleazy" self-promoting content.

  • In a short time, you will create a list of at least 99 topics for posts and articles on LinkedIn. We will develop your posting strategy together, so that you can effortlessly bring prospects into your sphere.

  • You will learn methods to repurpose your content so that you have a wide variety of posts that multiply your chances of being seen.

  • You will never again feel stuck not knowing what to post.

What clients say:


The MAGNET Content Workshop has provided me with an invaluable and entirely reusable framework for creating content. It also provided me keen insights to ensure my content is engaging and digestible to my audience.


With Sophie’s framework, I was able to create months of content, easily, with the confidence of using best practices for content generation and audience engagement!

You would be remiss to pass up this introductory offer as the price for this will likely increase rapidly based upon demand!

Anessa Collins

Strategic Connections Coach & Consultant

BC, Canada

Janice photo 2.jpg

I appreciate the way Sophie "warmed us up" and got us thinking and talking. That's one of the really important things about brainstorming and getting people to a point where they can be open, receptive and able to come up with ideas. Sophie did a fantastic job on that.

That also reminded me of what my goal is for being on LinkedIn. OK, we all want more sales, but I really like how Sophie framed that this is about building relationships and generously sharing our knowledge. Going into these questions, it helped me to think and ask myself "so what do I know and what can I share?"

Janice Francisco

Founder and CEO, BridgePoint Effect

Toronto, Canada

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I hadn't engaged with LinkedIn before because I didn't understand the potential of the platform and how to make it meaningful for my business. Now I have experienced engagement and connection with like-minded industry professionals with whom I share values and may have future opportunities to collaborate.

This program is fantastic for any entrepreneur looking to have more meaningful engagement with a curated audience. Sophie covers the “what” and “why” of each element throughout the workshop. Information is organized and arranged for instant success in getting started. The format of the workshop is both productive and cooperative. Excellent workshop for differentiating your business with LinkedIn!

Eve Weinberg

Founder and Designer, Hillcrest Design Inc.

Toronto, Canada

Anna Maria Photo.jpg

I have been to many trainings and courses but this was different. When we went into the writing exercises, I was able to come up with many ideas. Usually I get stuck or frozen but here I could really feel the difference.


I think that it's the specificity of how Sophie gets to know the participants and puts us together; there is a thread that goes through the group.


This is the first time that I've been able to actually extract structured content off the top of my head in a group setting. Everyone is selling creating content, but nobody is doing what you do, which to me is help me extract vital content which is already there in my head. 

Anna-Maria Marta

Holistic Facilitator, Integrative Massage Therapist, Amariam

Montreal, Canada

Kathleen McDonough

Founder and CEO of KLAD

Virtual, Live and Hybrid experience design specialist

Renata Souza

Founder & Mentor

    Your MAGNET Content Accelerator™ includes:

  • A self-guided online course

  • 3 live group calls like-minded entrepreneurs

  • A 4-hour intensive workshop to create your content strategy

  • A series of facilitated segments crafted to get you generating at least 99 content topics

  • A methodology for turning these topics into posts, articles and series

  • Practice in writing posts and articles

  • Feedback to foster immediate improvement

  • Prompts and practice in repurposing so you'll have even more posts

  • Tools and templates

  • Guidance, mentoring, and feedback in a supportive, open, sharing environment


  • Invitation to join future sessions of the MAGNET Content Accelerator at 1/3 of the price

  • Invitation to join the Client MAGNET Lab with 10% off ($250 value)

    Your program also includes:

group icon.png

Access to recordings of the calls and the workshop session 

Comprehensive list of content prompts

Slide deck, templates, and swipe files

A content calendar template

Participation in a private group for heightened LinkedIn activity

The MAGNET Content Accelerator™

A 4-week program where you create your content, working side by side with like-minded entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants, following a methodology that boosts your creativity while keeping you focused.

What clients say:

See what some past participants have to say:

Kathleen W photo.jpg

I'm not at a loss for topics, but what I'm short on is time. Going through this exercise, thinking about these prompts and getting focused on what I want to do next has been really helpful.

Kathleen Curtis Wolf

Founder and Cief Experience Officer

The Purpose Partners

Michigan, US

Kathleen MD photo.jpg

The outline we learned was really useful. I need that roadmap. I have a tendency to have many topics I get excited about and I write like that, but now I will keep these points in mind. This will reign me in and make my posts more interesting and also more effective.

Kathleen McDonough

Founder and CEO

KLAD Virtual

New Jersey, US

Sunil photo.jpg

These prompts are brilliant! I came up with 24 post topics in just one 10 minute writing segment.

Dr. Sunil K. Raheja

Author, coach and podcast host

Southall, UK

Michael photo.jpg

Going through this workshop, there 's a lot I can come up with, just from each of these prompts. I can see how this will help me with posts. Now I can see it's all there and I can just pluck ideas from what we've done here.

Michael J. Cruz


One Infinity Technology

New Jersey, US


Janice photo 3.png

I had done some very detailed & lengthy messaging and positioning work with a coach, as well as an extensive project with a branding consultant so I have been working on this for a long time. 


The questions in today's workshop have been really good to help me sort out where all the pieces come together.

It's a great exercise to go through. Whether I write these or hand them over to someone else to do, this is going to set us up really well.

Janice Francisco

Founder and CEO, BridgePoint Effect

Toronto, Canada

In our communications we always strive to engage, educate, and enroll* The work we have done today really helps do that and I feel I now have posts that will engage readers, educate them as potential clients and enroll them.


So thank you for this!

Stop suffering from the "blank page syndrome".

Instead, join us and create a bank of content for the next 6 months!

Make posting a breeze so you can focus on having conversations.


The investment for the 4-week MAGNET Content Accelerator is US$1500

Your investment includes:

  • Online course

  • 3 group calls

  • 1-day workshop

  • Access to any future session of this program at 1/3 of the price

Next Session:

May 3rd to 24th 

Friday May 3rd - 1pm to 2pm EST  - Onboarding Call - Access to Online course

Friday May 10th - 1pm to 2pm EST  -  Course Q&A

Friday May 17th - 12pm to 4pm EST - Content & Strategy Workshop

Friday May 24th - 12pm to 2pm EST - Planning and Closing Call

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