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Quit your job and travel the world? Now you can

The traditional 9-5 workday has been evolving for a while now. Many people resist being ‘tied-down’ to a specific job or a set location. They’re looking for flexibility and new experiences. Around the world, the ‘freelance’ industry is exploding and new online businesses are being launched every day by people who want to work for themselves, create their own schedule and take only the work that fulfills them.

Add to that the desire to travel, experience new cultures and lifestyles and you have a new trend taking people abroad to do things like house-sitting, care taking, pet care, volunteering and even organic farming in other countries.

But many don’t have the luxury of just quitting and leaving everything behind, and the pull to do this is so strong that new solutions are emerging to adapt the concept to executives in corporate jobs. For those who want to have the best of both worlds, new models are now being offered to access this type of experience. Consider the headline, “KEEP YOUR JOB. SEE THE WORLD. LEAVE THE PLANNING TO US,” from Remote Year, a company that “brings together groups of inspiring professionals to travel, live, and work remotely in different cities around the world for a year or four months.” Besides taking on the logistics of such an endeavor, the company even helps prepare the traveler for the undoubtedly tricky negotiation with their management to gain approval for this special kind of “working sabbatical”.

According to Sophie Lechner, CEO of Global Commerce Education, “the ability to quickly learn and adapt to new cultures is an increasingly important skill to develop for almost anyone, from the executive negotiating a contract with someone a continent away, to the student on a study abroad semester, from the entrepreneur expanding their business to a new foreign market, to the employee working remotely in a different country each month.”

Read the Bloomberg article HERE

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