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Cross-cultural Workshop for French and American Executives a Big Success

Over 60 executives from French and American corporations learned how to work together more effectively. Rave reviews followed, as well as several requests to provide a workshop for their teams.

Would you know if you had just committed a fatal cultural error in your presentation to a potential foreign business partner?

On May 15, 2018, a group of executives got a first-hand look at how to navigate the complex world of social and business customs when the French American Chamber of Commerce hosted a workshop at the Oracle offices in New York City. About sixty executives from large French and American companies attended the workshop, which was presented by Sophie Lechner, CEO and Founder of Global Commerce Education.

This unique educational workshop was designed to help attendees learn how to build stronger relationships when working with colleagues, clients and partners between France and the US. Topics included: how to be more effective in meetings by adapting your content and delivery to your audience’s style of listening, how to pitch an idea or project and how negotiate for what you want across cultures.

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