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Dear Friend of a Friend!

Hello and a warm welcome!!

You’re here because someone we both know sent you to this super secret “back door” page. Well, I’m delighted you’re here! I want to tell you about the cool things your friend and I have lined up for you.

First, if you don’t know who I am, my name is Sophie Lechner. I'm a LinkedIn Coach for Mission-Driven Entrepreneurs.


I was with a Fortune 50 company when LinkedIn was launched, 20 years ago. I used it to build my global network, got invited to speak in several countries, built two businesses and was interviewed for Forbes.


In 2020 I realized LinkedIn is a big unknown for a lot of small business owners. I went back to analyze what I had done that was successful and based on that I created The MAGNET Model, a roadmap for creating a powerful brand around your mission and creating a path to those vital conversations and sales.


You’re here because you’re interested in checking out what I do so I want to give you a special welcome package, courtesy of your friend.

Here's your Special Welcome Package:


  • Get a free copy of my Interactive Guide:

"How to Become a Client MAGNET with these 5 High-Converting Posts".

It's my most downloaded resource and people tell me they keep it open in their browser all the time!!

  • Get on my list to read my weekly emails where I share my thoughts on how to do marketing in way that feels aligned to your values, and tips to leverage LinkedIn.

  • The "Let Your Profile Do the Talking" training – A 30-minute video that shares a unique approach to attracting clients, getting referrals and expanding your reach so that you can achieve impact, income, and independence

  • A Golden Ticket - a super secret bonus only available to friends of friends - see details below



  1. A 20-minute Profile Audit with me, personally. On this short call, we’ll pinpoint the Top 3 things you can do on your profile to turn it into a client attracting asset.

  2. At the end of that call, I’ll prescribe you one of our premium trainings to bust through your bottleneck. These trainings are reserved for clients. Since you’re a friend of a friend, we’ll make a limited time exception, designed for you to consume the content and take action towards solving your problem. This is not meant to go into the content archives. It’s meant to be consumed and acted upon, hence the limited time access.

  3. A 15-min review call where you and I will meet to review your work before you ship it, so you know you’re doing it right. And so you can get a tangible result from our stuff so you’re confident it works.

NOTE: You can claim your Golden Ticket now and activate it at any time in future.

You know sharing quality content is key to your business growth, but finding what to write about is a daily struggle.


Relying only on inspiration, it's hard to maintain the consistency you know will build Know, Like and Trust with your audience.


Attract Your Ideal Clients Like a MAGNET!!


You know you need to address this, or you will just continue to hear crickets when you post, and you will have to continue chasing after clients.


The good news is you are here. Learning what types of posts will attract your ideal clients is the first step.

By using the posting strategies shared here, you will be amazed at your results!


Building an active presence on LinkedIn isn’t done overnight but everything you do gathers momentum and compounds. Over time, you will have a body of work that speaks to your expertise and attracts clients to you.

This e-book is for you if:

  • You are a mission-driven entrepreneur, coach, consultant, or author

  • You want to post on LinkedIn regularly with powerful content that garners engagement

  • You struggle with having to create new posts from scratch, seemingly constantly

IMG_1317001 retouched.png

As the creator of The MAGNET Model™, my entire business is based on having a large, deep and solid network around the world - most of it built using LinkedIn

I have been curating this network for many years.


Take a look below. The press coverage, the speaking engagements, the webinars, the podcasts... It ALL came from LinkedIn Networking! 

Wiga Career Workshop (3).jpg
WIGA Workshop Feb 2018.jpg
the balance.png

Excerpt from Forbes interview of Sophie Lechner:


“Lechner [..] calls upon select individuals from her global network located in the Americas, Europe and Asia, who can share knowledge with [her] clients."

Finnish article.png
TEP thumbnail.png
webinar invite.jpg
Globalocity Podcast.png

Stop suffering from the "blank page syndrome".

Make posting a breeze so you can focus on having conversations.

© Sophie Lechner 2023
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